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The History of Trout Wrapper

And how we got our name

You might have been wondering what Trout Wrapper means and where the name came from. Well it all started in 1994 in Ennis Montana as a newspaper founded by a man named Ron Marr. It was described as a newspaper for people who hate newspapers. The Trout Wrapper had a good 15 year run (with a rather large subscriber base) before Ron moved to other adventures. Ron has went on to write for publications like Playboy and Missouri Life. He also has writen for himself and published books like "Coyote Songs: Tales From The Western Road" and our favorite, "An Explorer's Guide to The Ozarks. If you would like to know more about the publications of Ron Marr, let us know any we can direct you to the nearest place to buy one of books.

Story Behind Trout Wrapper: About
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