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 We strive to be open and honest with everything to do with this brand and who we are. To start off, we would describe ourselves as conservations who enjoy being in the natural world. We also think that humor is one of the best ways to draw people together. So, Trout Wrapper is an attempt at a combination of those two things. Even if we fall short at amusing people who aren't easily amused, we hope that people can at least appreciate our attempts to show everyone how pretty of a world we live in. We're also not going to sit here and tell you we're trying to save the world. The money we make from this is probably going to go right back into the brand to make it better or go to some boneheaded trip. Either way what we are trying to say is that, we really apricate you supporting us and Trout Wrapper and we hope that you enjoy the things we put out. 

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